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Honorary Titles and Orders

Hero of the MPR

        The Title of Hero of the Mongolian People's Republic was created on 5 October, 1941 by decree of the Khural (Parliament).  

Hero of the MPR, Type I

The First type of this order was issued from 1941 until 1945 when the type II star was created.

Established: 1941
Number Issued:  10


Hero of the MPR, Type II

Made from gold and addorned with 5 .25 carat diamonds

Established: October 17, 1945
Number Issued:  100


Hero of Labor of the MPR

Hero of Labor of the MPR

Constructed from 33 grams of Gold.  Order is 35mm in diameter with the symbol of Mongolia or Soyombo on the obverse.  Recipients include the first woman cosmonaut V. Tereshkova of the USSR and the First Secretary of the Mongolian Communists Tsedenbal.

Established:  1957
Number Issued:  200


Honorary Freeman of the MPR

    No Picture Available Honorary Freeman of the MPR  

Gold, Enamel


Established:  1974
Number Issued:  100


Order of Suche Bator

  Order of Suche Bator Order is constructed from gold, silver, platinum, and enamel


Established:  June 16, 1941
Number Issued: 1000(I) 700(II)



Order of Suche Bator

Date Established

Estimated Number Issued

Construction Material 

June 16, 1941

Type 1   1000                                   Type 2   700  

The Order of Suche Bator was often awarded to officials of foreign countries. 

Type 1 has a screwback  reverse.  

Type 2 has a clip fastener instead of the screwpost base.  

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